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We are Dieno Digital Marketing, A Marketing Technology Company

Dieno Digital Marketing was founded by Leland Dieno as a side hustle in 2007ish, and has grown into a boutique Digital Marketing Technology Consulting Firm that specializes in web design, web development, marketing automation, email automation, copywriting, design, digital advertising and growth hacking. We stay in our lanes, and stay motivated to support our clients with a Value over Volume approach to everything we do.

Leland Dieno is a seasoned digital marketing specialist and the founder of Dieno Digital. His career in digital marketing began in his teenage years when he co-founded a tech hosting company at the age of 17. Over the years, Leland has worked with some of Canada’s largest grocery retailers, developing digital shopper marketing programs and leading data-driven campaign activations. He also led the digital marketing team at a prominent educational institution, where he conducted workshops, developed web projects, and built a data-focused marketing team.

Leland later joined a group of companies in Langley, British Columbia, becoming a partner in Canada’s top online drone training platform. He scaled a marketing agency from 10 to 50 employees as their Vice President. In addition to his professional roles, Leland is involved in several side-hustle startups and supports various community initiatives, including a local charity aimed at assisting men in poverty and an online movement that empowers fathers to be better men.

Dieno Digital, founded by Leland, specializes in web design, development, digital advertising, and marketing technology consulting. The firm takes a value-over-volume approach to its services, aiming to deliver high-quality and affordable digital solutions to businesses of all sizes.


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