cannabis and cbd digital advertising and marketing

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Connected TV, Banner Ads and Native Ads

We offer affordable digital advertising options for CDB and Cannabis brands that are looking to drive traffic through to their website. Restrictions from many ad platforms has made it difficult for high-quality brands to put their messaging and visuals in front of the right audience Our top of the funnel approach, delivers hundreds, or thousands of visitors through to your website on a monthly basis that have seen your advertisements on relevant content networks or websites. We can work with minimal budgets to start, or large scale spends; and all of our advertising comes with detailed dashboarding and reporting to ensure you see the results.

Cannabis Display Advertising
We work with you to develop and design high-quality banner advertisements that are then placed on popular websites across the web. These ads promote your product or service offering and deliver high quality website visitors.

Cannabis Native Display Advertising
Using content-focused imagery and headlines we add advertisements to popular websites with relevant content. Your content is integrated into the feed and users click through to your website.

Connected TV Digital Advertising for Cannabis and CBD Brands
We work with ou to develop video adspots that can be distributed through a connected-tv network. Targeting users in the right demographic, with video commercials as they stream video content on popular news, media and entertainment websites and apps.


How we target the cannabis and cdb consumers

Utilizing AI, and detailed, granular content-based targeting we place high-performing and visual content (banner ads, videos, images, call to actions, etc..) in front of users who have actively searched for your products or services. We also play this content on and within content that is relevant to your products and services. Utilizing keywords, contextual content targeting and audience targeting we put your advertisements in front of thousands of consumers with an objective to get them to your website.

cannabis and cbd advertising

What is Display, Native, Video and Connected TV Advertising?

Programmed Advertising, or Programmatic Display Advertising(PDA), is also known as Online Targeted Advertising (OTA). PDA is used for both direct response advertising and branding campaigns as well as brand awareness campaigns.

Programmatic display advertising reaches placements (websites, video, applications, and connected tv) that standard display networks like Google and Social Platforms (Facebook and Instagram as an example) can’t reach. While Programmatic tends to have a higher cost, it can be an effective way to reach audiences with correct message sequencing at the right time, on the right platform.

It allows our clients to run digitally created video content as pre-rolled (online commercials) on some of North America’s biggest media and news websites as one example. It also allows us to granularly target and re-target consumers across multiple devices.

Cannabis and CBD brands use digital platforms to drive offline conversion by running traditional advertisements and digital advertisements in new ways. For most advertisers, reaching customers where they spend their time is critical to driving sales.