earls restaurant alumni
Web Development and Marketing Technology Project

Earls Restaurants

We cost-effectively, and quickly integrated ourselves with the Earls Marketing Team. We then developed an agile micro website to facilitate the entire alumni sign up, verification and digital membership card process.
Responsive, Agile and Affordable Website Development
Earls Restaurants came to Dieno Digital with a specific web development project that was complex in nature. As Earls was launching an Alumni Program which allowed Alumni to sign up, become verified, and then hold a digital Earls Alumni Member ID Card, they needed a website developed to facilitate the entire process. We helped them achieve this affordably, and built with agile methodology.

Integrate with Operations and Develop Systemization of Member Card Creation

We developed an online application form that integrated with Earls CRM + created an an administration dashboard so that the Earls team could quickly verify Alumni eligibility. The system that we developed also dynamically generated, and emailed, unique membership ID's with unique identifiers to every verified Alumni so that they could present them in restaurant.

Over 10,000 successfull verified Alumni within 30 days.

At launch the project received press coverage and promotions that drove thousands (upon thousands) of Earls Restaurant Alumni through to the website, who then successfully joined the program.