Sirv WordPress Plugin | Best Free Image CDN for WordPress Website

by | Jun 8, 2022 | 0 comments

Sirv WordPress Plugin | Best Free Image CDN for WordPress Website

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Sirv Is the most comprehensive image CDN and optimization plugin for WordPress – can accelerate your website and enhance SEO.

Resize, compress, and serve photos in the best image format automatically via a fast worldwide CDN.


Image optimization is done automatically.

Images that are automatically responsive (resized to fit users screen).

When possible, use automatic WebP delivery (30% savings).

Smaller files than any other WP optimization plugin (saving 15%).

WordPress CDN that is really fast.

WooCommerce is fully supported.

Lazy load your photos to help your page load even faster.

Backup photos automatically to keep them safe.

Remove picture meta to improve efficiency even further.

You don’t have to do anything with the finest WordPress image optimizer. Simply install the plugin, and Sirv will automatically produce and serve the shortest file size feasible (without looking over-compressed). The default settings are ideal for most sites, and if you want to dig deeper, every feature is simply adjustable.

Without lifting a finger, automatically optimize your existing WordPress media library photos. Sirv can instantly copy your media library to Sirv, where photos are supplied as highly optimized images over Sirv’s fast, global WordPress CDN (19 worldwide locations).

Sirv can automatically optimize all of these photos (and more):

Images from the Media Gallery
Images featured
Images for WooCommerce
Images added by third-party plugins or scripts
NEW images have been contributed via the “Add Media” option.
Simply enable the Sirv CDN after installing the plugin, and Sirv will handle the rest.

See the full list of characteristics of Sirv’s innovative new approach to picture optimization.

TAKE YOUR WOOCOMMERCE SALES TO THE NEXT LEVEL by optimizing your product photos and delivering them over CDN.
Product descriptions should include ultra-deep picture zoom and 360-spin.
Image watermarks can be added to images.
Caption photos with words.
Sirv can be used for all of your websites, applications, eBay, and social media.


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