Beautiful WordPress Recipe Plugin 2022 – Delicious Recipe Plugin

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Beautiful WordPress Recipe Plugin 2022 – Delicious Recipe Plugin

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Delicious Recipe – Beautiful WordPress Recipe Plugin

Beautiful and Powerful WordPress Recipe Plugin
Phenomenal Design, Contemporary Features, and Adaptable Interface – A complete package to create and share your appetizing recipes with the world.
Do you want an easy-to-use recipe WordPress plugin with better SEO, eye-catching display, user-friendly features, and greater flexibility? If so, the Delicious Recipe Plugin is all you need.

This WordPress recipe plugin includes Schema markup, which makes search engines and social networks to display information about your recipes. Further, it also helps to rank your recipes higher on search engines.
The plugin has a super-intuitive design and clean user-interface . So, anyone from amateurs to professionals can use the plugin effortlessly. You can easily create and share your recipes on your website.
The plugin offers both Gutenberg Blocks as well as custom post type recipes which make it easy to publish your recipes.
The plugin also offers the flexibility to customize the email templates to send your readers after registration.
These exciting feature engage your readers, and help them browse recipes with ease.
You can add all the necessary information to prepare the recipes such as ingredients, step by step instructions, video and image gallery, nutrition information, notes and much more.
Front End Recipe Submission is one of such features to garner more engagement with your readers.
The plugin lets customize and attach a recipe submission form on your site. It also allows your readers to submit their recipes.
The analytics dashboard shows the stats of all your published, pending, and submitted recipes, including total likes, favorites and ratings. You can view your most popular, top rated and most favorites recipes at a glance. With this insights, you can optimize those posts to include call to actions or promote affiliate products.
You can list different equipments you use to create your recipes. You can then add affiliate links and promote them. Such affiliate links add to your website’s revenue.
With Reading Mode, your readers can follow your recipes without any distractions. This toolbar offers options to quickly print your recipe, share it on social media as well as like it.


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