Image Optimizer Plugin Settings | the Only Free Image Optimization Plugin in WordPress

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Image optimization is one of the most important factors in search engine ranking and getting high website traffic.

WordPress has a lot of image optimization plugins to use, they are fine too. But the problem is they are not completely free. After a certain time, they want money for image optimization.

Then here I am going to introduce you to a completely free image optimizer plugin for your WordPress website.

The plugin name is

On their website, they are previewing the input image and output image to compare. You can check that out.

This plugin is also popular enough in wordpress directory. Almost 200 thousand people are using this plugin.

The main reason for having so a high amount of users is the optimization level. You see, 384-kilobyte image is converted into 100 kilobytes, and the image quality is perfectly fine.

You can check the features also from here.

So, today we are going to use this plugin on this website. This contains a lot of images already.

You see, the pages are loading slowly for these large images.

Let’s install and active the image optimizer wordpress plugin.

Click “Add new” under the plugin section, and search

Install and activate now.

You can go to this plugin setting from under the media section.

This plugin has the easiest settings compared to others.

There are currently 66 non-optimized pictures.

You can optimize them by clicking this button.

Before that, we need to set up the settings, by default the image quality is set as 92.

That means, when you upload any image that is 100-kilobyte size, resmush it plugin will convert that to 92 kilobytes.

I personally prefer 60 here for best performance.

Optimize on upload, mark tik on this.

To contain statistics, tik this box also.

I prefer not to enable the next three options.

Finally, enable does not preserve backups. It is good for your hosting storage space.

Save changes.

In the media library, you will see a new column for image optimization.

Let’s optimize all the images.

Done. All the images are optimized now.

Let’s check an image manually, does this plugin really reduce image size without touching quality?

I am uploading an image that is 398 kilobytes. This will be optimized automatically while uploading.

Uploading complete. Let’s check the image size now.

Yes, 132 kilobytes. Huge reduction. And if we compare we see no big difference in quality.

So, I personally prefer all WordPress users to use this fantastic free image optimization plugin. If you face any issues to use this, feel free to ask me in the comment box.

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