How to Use the Gradient Tool in Photoshop | Adobe Tutorial

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How to Use the Gradient Tool in Photoshop | Adobe Tutorial

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial –


We have sourced some of the best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials online for both advanced and beginner users.

[CC] We’re taking a look at how to use Photoshop gradients to create colour blend effects in your digital designs.

The gradient tool in Photoshop is incredibly powerful, allowing you control over a host of parameters including colour, opacity, gradient types, transition points and more.

We explore how you can harness these advanced options, and use gradients to enhance your graphic design work.


0:10 – Enabling the gradient options
0:47 – Gradient Editor
1:48 – Selecting gradient colours
2:15 – Built in presets
2:37 – How to remove banding
4:19 – Other gradient properties
4:40 – Gradient styles
5:45 – Overlaying a gradient onto a graphic
6:18 – Blending modes

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