How To Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Efficiently

by | May 15, 2018 | 0 comments

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly and Efficiently

by | May 15, 2018 | Dieno Digital | 0 comments

How I more than doubled my twitter followers, engagement and impressions in less than 30 days.

First let me say that I am not a supporter of most “automated” tools and this model for increasing your twitter followers and engagement is not eliminating work. It is simplifying the process and assisting you in finding the right people to engage with, but it is not doing it for you. Automation in the social media space can be tricky and should be avoided in most cases.

I’ve found that this model can be applied to both personal and business twitter accounts and will drastically increase your reach, but most importantly, the opportunity of connecting with like-minded individuals or even potential clients\customers on the platform.

I went from having about 1,000 followers and 1,000 impressions per week, to over 1,000 tweet impressions per day, plus a lot more engagement and my followers are now at over 3,000.

increase twitter followers in 30 days

For my specific niches, as the owner of No Deadbeat Society “Fatherhood” and everything relating to it was important, and of course Digital Marketing\Advertising + Web Development were also niches I zoned in on in regards to ensuring I was connecting with the right people on Twitter.

Some examples of hashtags I searched for:


Searching Twitter for these hashtags regularly allowed me to see who was tweeting about content that is relevant to myself or my business, and get an idea of what types of content were most being retweeted.

The key here is to make sure you are engaging with your chosen hashtags. Make sure you like and follow profiles that are tweeting content that you appreciate.

Some key things I have learned about getting attention on Twitter is to focus on users with lower numbers of followers. It’s great to connect with celebrities and thought leaders who have thousands upon thousands (even millions!) of followers, but you most likely aren’t going to get their attention by following them. It’s the people in your space who seem to know what they are talking about who have in the hundreds of followers who are most likely going to notice a new follower and pay attention to what you are about. Hopefully resulting in opening up some dialog.

The most important factor is ensuring that you have added all of the necessary information to your Twitter profile page. When someone clicks on your profile after you have engaged with them they need to get an understand of who you are.

Lastly, make sure you are tweeting relevant content. If you see something on twitter that sparks your interest and resonates with you, retweet it. It’s a great way to capture the original twitter profile’s attention plus utilize their hashtags to earn more impressions.

Check out my review of the tool CrowdFire which is what I use to help optimize my personal social media channels.