Review of CrowdFire App

by | May 15, 2018 | 0 comments

Review of CrowdFire App

by | May 15, 2018 | Digital Strategy Blog | 0 comments

As mentioned in my article How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly completely automated tools are not the best solution for increasing followers and engagement authentically on social media platforms.

Here are some keys to increasing your social media followers:

  1. Be Authentic! This is the most critical and important. You must have be original and truthful! Don’t try to be something you aren’t and connect with people in a meaningful way.
  2. Target specific keywords and niches that are relevant to you or your business.
  3. Connect with people who don’t have thousands and millions of followers. You won’t be noticed by a celebrity until you are creating things that capture their attention :).
  4. Spend 10 minutes a day per social channel you are hoping to increase your engagement and followers on.

Here’s how I increased my twitter followers in only 10 minutes per day for 30 days to more than double the amount of followers and going from 1,000 impressions a week on twitter to over 1,000 impressions a day! All organically, authentically and in a meaningful way.

To do this in 30 days I used an app called Crowdfire.

I didn’t want a fully automated solution as those often come across as spam, and also I wanted to ACTUALLY connect with people on Twitter. I didn’t want to just run a bot and auto like every piece of content on twitter that might be relevant to me with hopes that it might bring in some sales. I wanted to actually see who was talking about and promoting content I was interested in and engage in actual conversation with potential customers or clients.

I spent 10 minutes every night using CrowdFire App (the paid version at roughly 4 bucks a night) to help me find people I wanted to connect with on Twitter. They do have a free version which I highly suggest you utilize if you aren’t willing to spend the dough just yet.

What crowdfire does:

  1. Allows you to connect all of your social profiles (I was just looking to focus on Twitter at this point in time)
  2. Set up specific target niches or subject areas based on content and hashtags.
  3. Target specific locations of people posting content and engage with them.
  4. Amalgamates all of the content it believes you should be interacting with and displays it in an easy to use manner that allows you to quickly connect with people.
  5. Reminds you daily to load the app and start engaging with content.

The app is smart enough to overtime determine what content you should be sharing, and who you should be tweeting\posting\tagging. It reminds you to unfollow inactive accounts and presents it all in a very easy format so you literally just have to scroll through their app window tapping on content or profiles to either follow, share or unfollow and disconnect from someone.

Over only a few days your profiles quickly become optimize.

One of the greatest features of the app (I think) is that if you are someone who is creating content on multiple websites you can connect your RSS feed to it so that it actually will remind you to post or tweet your own content as well!

Lastly, the app also learns over time when is the best time to post on social media from your accounts. It takes all of the engagement data and automatically schedules posts\tweets for you to make sure they are targeting your audiences and followers when they are most likely to engage with or see the content.

I highly recommend you try out CrowdFire. Sign Up here.