WordPress For Beginners – WordPress tutorial: How to make a WordPress website

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WordPress For Beginners – WordPress tutorial: How to make a WordPress website

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WordPress For Beginners Tutorials and information. We source some of the best tutorials online to help you manage your wordpress website.

This super detailed WordPress tutorial guides you through all the steps you need to create and maintain a WordPress website. All videos are part of our free WordPress for beginners training. Check the full (free) course, which includes reading materials and quizzes on https://yoa.st/3×3

► About this video
This WordPress tutorial contains 8 modules to help you get started with WordPress. If you want to make your own website but you don’t know how, this tutorial will guide you. It’s also definitely worth watching if you want to understand every aspect of WordPress so you can make the best use of it.
In this WordPress tutorial, we cover the following topics:

00:00 – Introduction to WordPress
13:38 – Getting started with WordPress
54:23 – Customizing your site
2:01:03 – Creating content in the block editor
2:42:05 – Structuring your site
3:04:32 – Managing your WordPress site
3:36:28 – WordPress SEO
3:51:58 – The story behind WordPress

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► Lessons included in this tutorial

0:00 – What is WordPress and what does it do for you?
2:58 – What is open source and how does it work?
6:29 – WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org: what are the differences?
9:58 – What will you learn in this WordPress tutorial?
13:41 – How to start with WordPress: hosting, domain name, and installation
18:46 – How to select hosting for your WordPress site
25:02 – How to install WordPress
33:04 – WordPress back end tour: Dashboard
40:18 – WordPress back end tour: Admin menu
51:11 – What can you do with WordPress?
54:26 – How to configure the WordPress settings: General settings
1:00:26 – How to configure the WordPress settings: Writing & Reading settings
1:07:01 – How to configure the WordPress settings: Discussion settings
1:13:58 – How to configure the WordPress settings: Media, Permalinks & Privacy
1:19:02 – What are WordPress themes and how do you use them?
1:22:43 – How to install WordPress themes
1:26:12 – How to use the WordPress Customizer
1:34:49 – What are WordPress widgets and what can you do with them?
1:38:15 – How to add widgets in WordPress
1:43:42 – What are plugins and what can they do for your WordPress site?
1:49:01 – How to install plugins in WordPress
1:54:22 – How to upload plugins in WordPress
1:56:58 – What are page builders?
2:01:05 – What’s the difference between posts and pages in WordPress?
2:05:22 – How to write a post or page in WordPress
2:11:13 – How to add images in WordPress
2:19:26 – How to add videos and embeds in WordPress
2:24:36 – Exploring blocks in the block editor
2:29:36 – How to create reusable blocks in WordPress
2:33:41 – How to use the sidebar in the WordPress block editor
2:42:08 – How to organize your WordPress site
2:48:49 – What are categories and tags in WordPress?
2:54:38 – How to use categories, tags, and menus in WordPress
3:04:35 – What are user roles in WordPress?
3:10:14 – Why are updates and backups in WordPress important?
3:16:55 – How to update and backup your WordPress site
3:27:14 – 5 common WordPress mistakes you should avoid
3:30:57 – WordPress security: how to secure your WordPress website
3:36:31 – How to do WordPress SEO
3:40:51 – How to do WordPress SEO with the Yoast SEO plugin
3:45:40 – WordPress SEO: 10 things you should do yourself
3:52:01 – The history of WordPress
4:01:17 – The WordPress community: Meetups, Contributor Days, and WordCamps
4:07:41 – How to join the WordPress community

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