WordPress For Beginners – How To Use WordPress Gutenberg Blocks To Recreate The Apple Homepage

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WordPress For Beginners – How To Use WordPress Gutenberg Blocks To Recreate The Apple Homepage

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In this rebuild tutorial, we’re going to recreate the Apple.com homepage by using WordPress Gutenberg Blocks. We’ll be also using the free Neve theme and the free Otter Blocks for Gutenberg plugin for most of the project.

Elementor Pro is required for the footer because it’s a very complex footer. Everything besides the footer is built with free tools.

The tools we used to make this happen:

• Neve WordPress theme: http://bit.ly/NeveWPTheme
• Get professional hosting from Siteground, with discount* – http://bit.ly/WPHostingOffer
• Elementor: https://elementor.com/?ref=2134&campaign=youtube

1. Stock Photos: https://mystock.themeisle.com/
2. Free Icons: https://themeisle.com/free-icons/
3. Domain Wheel – https://domainwheel.com/
4. Image optimization service by Optimole – http://bit.ly/Optimole
5. Orbit FOX – http://bit.ly/OrbitFOX

Table of Contents:

Step #1 – Customize The Navigation Menu 🕓 2:01
Step #2 – Creating The Homepage Content Using Gutenberg And Otter Blocks 🕓 9:49
Step #3 – Create The Footer Using Elementor Pro 🕓 49:31

CSS for the customizer:

/*– Navigation Styles –*/

.light-mode {background-color:black;}

.row .primary-menu-ul li:not(:last-child) {
padding-right: 83px !important;

CSS for Elementor Pro:

a:hover {text-decoration:underline;}

.elementor-nav-menu–layout-horizontal a {border-right:1px solid grey;}
.menu-item-167 a {border-right:none;}
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