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Create your own website – Make money online – Bangla tutorial – 2020
This is a journey to earn money online.
First we have to get a domain name. Zhostbd provides best offers that buy one get one free. You just need to buy a hosting package and you will get a free domain. They provide a free domain registration facility. Most important thing is they are serving the free .com domain.
After that I’ll show you a wordpress tutorial for beginners. By this video tutorial we’ll gather knowledge about:
How to make a website
How to make money online
make money from home
You’ll be confident to create your own website. Then I’ll show you how to make passive income.

WordPress is the best platform to create a website. In this wordpress tutorial you’ll learn how to create your own website, how to make free domain name registration, how to earn money with Websites.

This tutorial is going to be a step by step tutorial. So please Subscribe our channel, like and comment on our videos and stay with us to make a long journey.


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How to Create a Website | Part – 1 | Free domain and hosting bangla tutorial | 2020: https://youtu.be/pPZPZjAmKK0

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WordPress tutorial with Free domain and hosting – part – 2: https://youtu.be/24YUjD4GcE4


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