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How to Create a WordPress Website using Beaver Builder Tutorial. This is the start to finish guide to creating a WordPress website from signing up for hosting, buying a domain name, connecting the pieces together, securing the site more. We have also added special links in the instructions below that allow you to skip ahead if needed, see below.

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How to Create a WordPress Website – Beaver Builder

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Table of Contents:
0:01 Intro to the video and what we will accomplish
1:16 Preview of the business site
2:24 Buying a cheap domain name
5:33 NameCheap Coupons & Promo Codes for domain names
12:37 Setting up WordPress hosting
17:05 Setting up Your Domain name to point to SiteGround Hosting
22:53 Installing WordPress on your SiteGround Hosting
26:58 Securing your WordPress site with a SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
28:44 Setting up Caching with SiteGround SuperCacher
31:36 Verifying that HTTPS works and the site is secured
33:29 Intro to setting up WordPress plugins and themes
33:40 Why businesses need Beaver Builder for their Business website
39:37 Uploading plugins to your WordPress business site
40:36 Installing Beaver Builder Child and Parent Theme
42:14 Installing recommended WordPress plugins for business
46:01 Design the business website and using the customizer
49:05 How to find the color or hex color of your logo to match your site
50:05 Customizer Headings setting and Google Fonts
56:03 Adding your business logo to your WordPress site
59:19 Navigation styles
59:25 Creating a menu
1:01:56 Navigation Layout with logo
1:05:25 WordPress widgets and Beaver Builder
1:09:28 Site identity, settings and favorite icons
1:10:35 WordPress Homepage settings
1:12:31 Home to create a business homepage with hero image and more
1:12:59 WordPress 5.0 Block Editor, Classic Editor and Beaver Builder
1:14:43 Intro to building a page with Beaver Builder
1:15:28 Creating a homepage hero image with a call to action
1:16:45 Image and video resources for your WordPress business website
1:19:08 How to set a color picker preset to save time
1:21:05 Creating a gradient video overlay easily
1:25:00 Finding a photo, removing the background tool and overlaying it over the hero image
1:26:08 Removing the background on an image without photoshop tool
1:28:13 Adding service icons below your business hero video/image
1:31:22 Adding a testimonials slider or reviews to your homepage
1:37:57 Testing / viewing your site on a tablet, mobile etc within Beaver Builder
1:38:38 How to create a page, example the about page
1:39:58 Styling a heading or H1 tag per page
1:41:24 Adding your new about page to the WordPress menu
1:41:46 Creating a contact us form with Ninja forms
1:43:02 Creating a contact us page
1:44:10 Adding an icon group to show social media icons with links to your business profiles
1:45:49 Adding a contact form directly to your page using WordPress widgets in Beaver Builder
1:47:56 Final site view with questions

Have a question? Ask away in the comments below or on our Free Facebook Group: WordPress Tutorials & Community Help


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