Why You Shouldn’t Invite Your Entire Friend List to Your Facebook Business Page

by | Jul 6, 2018 | 0 comments

Why You Shouldn’t Invite Your Entire Friend List to Your Facebook Business Page

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Dieno Digital, Digital Strategy Blog | 0 comments

The first thing people do when they launch a Facebook Business page is start inviting all of their friends from their personal Facebook account to like their page. The thought of “I need more likes as fast as possible” seems to justify ideas, businesses or success. And admittedly there is some benefit to having more than 25 likes on a business page, and even 100 based on what Facebook will allow you to do once you have achieved that many likes. However, I can assure you that it’s worth the wait and ensure that your “fans” on Facebook are actually people who will engage with your upcoming content.

They don’t necessarily have to be immediate potential customers, but they do need to at the very least be people who will see your content in their feed and not ignore it. All you need is a like button click.


As Facebook continue’s to tailor the feed and algorithm to “quality content”, I still stand by the article I wrote that on how the new algorithm changes are actually good for business. But, what this means is that anytime you post content and your “fans” don’t engage with it (like, share, comment, click, etc…) Facebook is going to start assuming that your page isn’t posting relevant content to it’s audience, and that your posts aren’t interesting. Organically, both of these will hurt your overall reach when it comes to posting organic content.

Instead of immediately inviting all of your friends to like your page, post about your new page on your personal Facebook Feed and let your friends who are interested like the page. If you do invite your friends, don’t invite all of them, spend time going through your friends list and invite those who you believe will be interested in seeing your content.

And most importantly, as you start posting content make sure that you like it yourself. For more information on that you can read this article on why it’s important to like your own Facebook business page’s posts.