The BIG PROBLEM With A/B Testing Sales Pages (WooFunnels + WooCommerce + WordPress) + FIX

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The BIG PROBLEM With A/B Testing Sales Pages (WooFunnels + WooCommerce + WordPress) + FIX

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See how to A/B your Sales Page in WooFunnels and see which one makes you the most revenue and profit.

You see, by default, WooFunnels allows you to easily A/B test your sales page but it doesn’t show you which one makes you more profit. Out-of-the-box, it will only show you which Sales Page gives you the higher Click-through Rate.

But the problem with this is that click-through rate doesn’t give you the whole story.

What if you don’t put your pricing on your Sales Page and your customers need to click-through to your Checkout page to see the price?

That would inflate your click-through rate.

This is why I always recommend A/B testing your sales pages and using Revenue as your main conversion metric and NOT click-through rate.

Your Sales Page is where you explain your offer to your customer and you get to sell your business and the idea of your products to your customer.

What you put on your sales page completely AFFECTS the amount of money your customer is willing to spend in your store.

In today’s video, I explain this in detail with examples.

I would recommend anyone using A/B testing software in WordPress watch this video.

PLUGINS we use today:

1) WooFunnels:

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What we’ll cover in this tutorial:

00:00 – Intro: How to A/B Test Sales Pages in WordPress and see revenue
01:39 – Part 1: Setting up our Sales Funnel in WordPress
05:02 – RELATED: How to set up your One-Click Upsells
05:36 – Setting up our A/B Test for our Sales Page
07:04 – The PROBLEM with A/B Testing Sales Pages
07:51 – Why your Sales Page Click-through Rate (CTR) doesn’t tell you the entire story
10:00 – How WooFunnels works out-of-the-box when you AB Test Sales Pages
12:56 – How to set up an A/B Test for a Sales Page and track Revenue & Purchases
15:55 – REVIEW: Showing you how our new A/B Testing method works with real analytics)
18:46 – REVIEW: Let’s do some deeper testing and better understand how to A/B test Sales Pages
24:17 – IMPORTANT: Where this set up fails (and a great alternative)
25:56 – IMPORTANT: Where this set up fails (and a great alternative)


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