The Best WordPress SEO Plugins (It’s Not Yoast)

by | Feb 24, 2020 | 0 comments

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins (It’s Not Yoast)

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Find out how to build the perfect SEO setup on WordPress with our list of 5 must-have plugins.
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WordPress SEO plugins can help you to master on-page SEO tasks like titles, meta tags, and other content optimization-related things.

These plugins are also useful for technical SEO tasks like page speed optimization, redirects, canonicals, and hreflang.

However, run a search for “SEO” in the WordPress plugins directory, and you will get nearly a thousand SEO plugins to choose from.

You don’t need that many to make your website “SEO-friendly.” In this video, you’ll learn which WordPress plugins you should choose for your website.

The first plugin Sam recommends is not what you’ll expect. Plenty of people are familiar with Yoast. But in Sam’s opinion, this plugin is better than Yoast.

With this plugin, you can:

1. Preview the SERPS and edit rich snippets
2. Add structured data
3. Quickly add nofollow tags to links
4. Generate sitemaps

After you’re done with the basic setup for this plugin, you can take a look at plugins for improving page speed.

Now, page speed is important because:

a) it is a ranking factor
b) It affects the user experience

We’ll show you which plugins you can use to help reduce page speed.

Finally, user experience. You’ll find out which plugin helps improve and optimize the UX of your content.

WordPress plugins are pretty awesome because it allows you to do complex things without any coding.

In fact, we’re creating our own free WordPress SEO plugin. So if you want to be updated when it’s released, sign up for updates at

Time stamps

1:06 – Rank Math | All in one SEO plugin
3:45 – A3 Lazy Load | Lazy loading plugin
4:21 – ShortPixel | Image optimization plugin
5:12 – W3 Total Cache | Caching plugin
6:26 – Easy Table of Contents plugin
7:29 – Ahrefs SEO plugin

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