Review of CIMC 2018 in Squamish

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Review of CIMC 2018 in Squamish

by | Apr 7, 2018 | Dieno Digital | 0 comments

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As most people know, I am not an advocate for most Marketing Conferences, which is why & how I came up with my Digital Marketing Workshop series Enough Of The Fluff. However, there is one conference that I have been a huge fan of since I attended the first one in 2015, and that is the CIMC. (Canadian Internet Marketing Conference,  somewhere in the middle known as; Change In The Making Conference)

CIMC is one of the major marketing conferences in British Columbia and it is probably the only one I continue to praise and recommend to peers in the industry.  The worst kind of Marketing Conferences are the ones where most of the presenters provide very high level information, or campaign tactics and then either try to sell you on their services or tell you about things you know you could never execute for your business or within your organization. Sure Coca Cola has millions to spend on their recent campaigns, but how does hearing about that really help most of us? That’s where CIMC differs from the rest… Most of the presenters, even if they are large enterprises like Youtube, Microsoft or Vayner Media, they still provide very low level tactical, almost always data driven, white-paper like recommendations and information.

In previous years Jelly Marketing has run the show, but this year it was handed off to Andrew Westlund‘s company The Westlund Group and Agency Media… And the quality of the conference did not disappoint. The presentations I was able to take in were very tactical and provided a ton of data, which to me, is the most important thing for marketers.

If you are going to attend one Marketing Conference in the Vancouver area I highly recommend this be the one you choose to go.

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