Recruitment Services

Hiring is an expensive process.  Our recruitment services offering assists small to medium sized businesses hire new team members without the expensive services of a Recruitment Agency, and eliminating countless hours that managers and business hours have to spend throughout the standard hiring process. We help you post the right job ad, including writing it for you, filter your applicants and provide you with only the applicants who it makes sense to hire. 

How it works

We will write the job posting for you, and after your approval will post it on multiple job sites under our account, but your business name. We will then filter applicants who are qualified and provide you with daily summaries that include their resume, cover letter, and contact information so all you have to do is then schedule the interview.

We have been writing job descriptions and recruitment strategies for over 10 years and have acquired skills that will ensure that we get the right applicants, at the right time and also convey both your requirements and company culture to potential employees.

We can save you hours of important time for both you and your staff, and also assist in making sure your email isn’t flooded with unqualified applicants.