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Recruitment | Services

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Recruiting has become one of the most important and critical aspects for businesses in the new economic climate.  Finding the right staff can be difficult, and as everyone in business knows, recruitment can be one of your largest line items end of fiscal when it comes to budgeting. Simply hiring, letting go, and re-hiring can be a massive investment for a company. Not all businesses have the luxury of hiring a recruiting (head hunting) firm as the costs can be extremely high, and at the same time so can the amount of resources needed for posting job opportunities online and filtering through the hundreds of resumes you can potentially receive.

Recruitment is about finding the right people, conveying company objectives and culture and making the right investment in the right people. Whether you are looking for admin staff, manual labour or sector specific employees, we’ve developed a service to help! Over the years many of our clients asked for help with recruiting due to the high costs of recruitment agencies and firms, and the intense amount of time it takes to qualify applicants.

It can take up to 30 working days to successfully hire a new employee and 60% of applicants report abandoning the application process. The average cost per hire is $4,000 in most situations and this doesn’t include the additional budget required to post on job sites, have your team manage the process and the additional thousands of dollars a professional recruitment agency will charge.

Leland has years of experience in both a director + manager capacity and as a business owner hiring staff. He has hired technical (developers), marketers, accountants, receptionists, and been a part of recruitment strategies for some of Canada and the US’s largest brands providing both consultation and hands-on support.

We have created a solution to help small to medium sized businesses hire strategically.

Here is how our recruitment service works:

  1. You fill out a short onboarding form telling us about the job you would like to fill.
  2. We write a job application posting for you (draft) and provide for approval.
  3. You approve the job posting and we post it on all of the major job sites on your behalf.
  4. We send you only qualified applicants contact information, resumes and cover letters so that you can schedule interviews with them.


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