How to use GDPR WordPress plugin and get cookie consent (2018)

by | Mar 10, 2020 | 0 comments

How to use GDPR WordPress plugin and get cookie consent (2018)

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

If you’d like to have your website GDPR compliant, you can do this with GDPR WordPress plugin that is compatible with all WordPress themes (not only with Ait Themes).

To get cookie consent from user is one of the main purposes of GDPR. This video tutorial gives you a quick overview about how to create privacy policy page with cookies and connect it with our Infobar plugin:

You can use it on any WordPress Theme on the world, because it’s available for themes from other authors too.

Infobar plugin works as WordPress cookies plugin

Infobar is our best GDPR WordPress plugin that can be also used as WordPress cookies plugin. It provides you an ability of writing any crucial information about privacy policy or using cookies. If you activate it, the bar will appear on your WordPress website and it can be closed – by clicking on it. Through this action you’ll get cookie consent and Infobar won’t be displayed again.

By watching this video you’ll learn various options of Infobar setup, e.g. how can you configure your text, insert related HTML tag and add a Button text.

Except of Infobar we have 3 more GDPR WordPress plugins:

• Comments Extension – allows you to add help text to any input in WordPress Comment form.

• Quick Comments – plugin for better explaining purpose of data collection.

• Subscribe form – GDPR WordPress plugin that can be connected with MailChimp database to help manage your email subscriptions. With saving activity log.

Please note that Ait Themes provides product technical solutions. We’re therefore not responsible for incorrect handling of data or insufficient GDPR compliance.

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