How to Track Outbound Link Clicks in WordPress with Google Analytics

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How to Track Outbound Link Clicks in WordPress with Google Analytics

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Discover how to set up outbound link click tracking: grow traffic – create partnerships – boost revenue. ➤ DISCOUNT LINK:

Ever wonder how to track outbound link clicks in WordPress with Google Analytics? In this video, I’ll show you how to set up outbound link click tracking so you can identify new ideas for growing your traffic, finding new partnership opportunities, and boosting your revenue.

Outbound links, also known as external links, are the links on your site that lead your visitors to another website.

➤ By tracking outbound links you can:
Understand User Behavior
For starters, you get to know how people behave on your website, and which links they click to exit your site.

➤ Find New Content Ideas
You can identify what kind of content people are looking for that’s not on your site so you can create the type of content they’re looking for.

➤ Form New Partnerships
If you are sending a lot of traffic to another website, then you can reach out to them and form a partnership, like starting affiliate marketing, collaborating on a content piece, or getting a backlink.

➤ Promote the Right Product
And, you can discover which products your visitors like the most, so you can promote those products more on your website.



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01:19 How to Track Outbound Links With MonsterInsights
03:35 How to View Outbound Link Clicks in Google Analytics 4
05:54 How to View Outbound Link Clicks in Universal Analytics


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