Finding the ID of a post or page is really easy once you know where to look.

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In 2010, I made my first WordPress website.

In 2014, I started a WordPress theme business called Compete Themes. I’ve since designed and developed 19 WordPress themes that have been downloaded more than 1.5+ million times. As a WordPress user, developer, and business owner, I can tell you that I know this platform inside-and-out.

Now I’m teaching everything I know.

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About this Video

Every post and page in WordPress has its own ID. There are times when you need to get one of these IDs for a plugin or code you’re writing. Luckily, find the ID is simple.

To locate the ID of a page, start by visiting the Pages menu and clicking on the page you need to get the ID of. Next, check out the URL at the top and you’ll find a part that reads, “?post=19”. The number you see will be different, but in my example, “19” is the ID of the page.

Whether you’re viewing a post or a page, the URL will always read “?post=” followed by an integer that is the ID. Now you can login to your site and find any IDs you need.

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