How to Embed Facebook Page Reviews & Badges in WordPress (Gutenberg) — Grid, Carousel, Metro

by | Aug 17, 2022 | 0 comments

How to Embed Facebook Page Reviews & Badges in WordPress (Gutenberg) — Grid, Carousel, Metro

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

Learn how to embed Facebook Review from your Facebook Page and display in Grid, Carousel, Slider or Metro Layout in WordPress using the Plus Addons for Gutenberg. This Gutenberg Addon makes it easier to show Best Facebook Review for any page ID using the official Meta Facebook APIs, in short the Best Social Review Plugin for WordPress.

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Facebook Review widget helps in building trust and credibility among your users, it helps to boost conversions.

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Timestamps 🕐

0:00 Overview
1:20 Required Plugins
3:36 Generating Access Token
7:10 Fix popup not opening
7:44 Layout for Facebook Reviews
8:30 Adding Custom Review Content
10:47 Removing negative Reviews
11:24 Remove specific Reviews
12:15 Filters for Facebook Review
13:16 Load More Options for Reviews
13:47 Refresh Time Explained
14:11 Text Limit Content
14:52 Performance Options for Facebook Reviews
16:02 Style Options for Reviews
18:34 Creating Facebook Review Badges
20:46 End Notes

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