How To Do Local SEO For Lawyers & Law Firms In Australia

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How To Do Local SEO For Lawyers & Law Firms In Australia

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When you are starting a new business or looking to run the business you already have concentrating more on the online side of things it is very tempting to try to do this yourself. Although this seems like a free way to do so, it will cost you in other ways such as your time, not only will it take up hours of your week it is also a complete waste of time in some instances. 

The internet is full of new and already established businesses, finding a way into the search engines’ top rankings can prove a very difficult thing to achieve. By not knowing what you are doing you may not get any views at all. The competition can be fierce, hiring a company to deal with your online marketing can not only save you important time, but it also does not have to be as expensive as you may think. 

 Making sure your business is in the correct country 

The company you need to hire will take care of all your needs to get the business you have up, running, with a successful traffic flow prompting more views. They can give your website a brand new look, or create you one from scratch. They will aim for your local area if your business needs to aim for this type of interest or it can cover the whole country. For example, you may need to find the best SEO agency for lawyers, but if you are based in Australia then it’s no good if your company is only receiving views in Spain. 

Finding the correct SEO company to handle your business needs does not have to be as complicated as you think. Finding a professional company that specializes in your field, is the best way to get someone who specializes, mainly in marketing, that precise profession or trade. Find a reputable company that has good reviews from the clients they have already dealt with. 

Using a company that specialises in your business 

Having someone who deals just with your profession will give you more exposure, if looking for a lawyer in Australia, you would be looking for a specific lawyer. If you specialize in family law, it is not going to be helpful if you are just generalized as a lawyer, the traffic that is viewing your company needs to be the correct traffic. Your company needs to be attracting the best digital traffic to help in pushing you up in the google ratings. Companies will often use backlinks to help move you along in the process of being further up the google search. 

Looking at what social media will help promote you is also something they will look at, you want to be taken seriously, promoting your company in the right way is what is going to make the difference in whether you are taken seriously or not. The firm you hire will know how to push business through social media and how to attract shares and likes.

If you need photos taken and this part needs to be done by you, but you don’t feel confident in doing so you will be given tricks and tutorials on how to obtain the best possible picture. This may be the choice made by the client on the spot whether they use your company or not. Every aspect of your digital profile needs to be professional. The way in which your website is set out in a way that your customers are essentially window shopping, if at first glance your website does not look professional then it will get bypassed. 

Look at your competition and the ways they use technology?

When someone googles information about finding a company, they will type in words, that are business keywords this is why certain companies pop up when this is entered. Choosing your keywords will be important, these need to be thought about if your company is to attract more clients. Promoting your business on guest sites is also a good way of advertising. A company such as a lawyers firm is mainly based in offices, chambers, courthouses, in other words, they are a brick and mortar business, so gaining interest online is a relatively new thing to a law firm.  

When aiming for the local market you need to know what competition you have trying to attract the clients you want. So it will not hurt to check these other companies out. See which ways they promote their company, look at social media sites, how many members of staff are linked to these and how many of the staff have separate accounts but make the business their main profile aspect. Type into google some different sentences to do with lawyers and see what keywords seem to trigger their company.

The importance of local SEO

The importance of a job such as being a lawyer, can be especially sensitive when confidentiality is involved when being online. Maintaining the strictest lawyer, client confidentiality is a law that can not be broken, at all times the knowledge that everything is going to be safe, needs to be demonstrated to your clients. Having a safe website that your clients can use to make inquiries is going to be one of the things they are going to be looking at when they decide if they wish to use your services or not. The market for online business is at the highest it has ever been. The standard of some digital marketing however is not at its highest, so finding the correct way in getting the best SEO is a huge part of what will take your business to the next level.

Being such a specialist company can have its advantages when using a localized SEO, this can prove to be your advantage. Make the most of what you have, use this to help you. When getting any business off to a good site, does mean financially you will need to spend money. As the age-old saying goes, you need to spend money to accumulate money. When you look at what you have to outlay in the very beginning the return you receive will benefit you long term. If you can look at the future and the long-term effects of taking time to research, studying what you need, will speak volumes to your potential clients.



Once your business is off to a start, the word of mouth that will follow will spread. The clients you have will use your business again if needed. Establishing a good reputation comes with time, providing trustworthy services is what you are aiming to do. With many scams now becoming increasingly apparent when it comes to online services, making sure your company is protected needs to be something of consideration to you when outsourcing digital help. Having a trusted mobile app that can take payments in a secure way, as well as a confidential way to send and receive files, data should be managed with the correct encryption programs in place. 

Going from a paper business to a digital one can seem like a scary place, the world of digital technology seems like a minefield for novices, opening up the can of worms of a digital world is completely overwhelming and intimidating, but when the right guidance is available, it may just be the best thing you have done this year for growing your business.