How to Create a Dropshipping Website with WordPress | Dropshipping Business Setup for Beginners

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How to Create a Dropshipping Website with WordPress | Dropshipping Business Setup for Beginners

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0:00 Intro

2:05 Pick a topic for your website

3:17 Find the products you want to sell

6:25 Launch your Dropshipping website

9:27 Change the design of your website

14:53 Add the products

26:10 Setup payments

31:01 Manage the order and deliver to your customer

35:18 manage multiple orders at the same time

39:30 Edit content of your site


Part 1: Pick a Topic of your website

Click the ‘start here’ link, and click ‘choose a topic’,

And choose your topic from sample topics.

Part 2: Find the products that you want to sell

Click ‘find tools’, and select the tools, it will take you to AliExpress,

Create account, & find product related to your topic,

And select the country you want to ship the products to,

Now check the product based on product & seller rating

Check product description, customers reviews,

Part 3: Launch Dropshipping website

Pick a Name for your website

Click ‘Get hosting & domain, search for your domain name

Select your hosting plan, add your details & make payments,

Part 4: Change the design of your site

Step 1: Login to your website

Go to your website, type ‘wp-admin’ after your site address,

Login to your admin area, check your email for login details,

Step 2: Install a theme

Go to Appearance ► themes ► Add new, search for Astra theme
Install & activate it.

Step 3: Choose a Design

Click ‘Get Started’, & then click ‘build your website’

Select the page builder, we recommend ‘Elementor’,

Now select the design & edit it to make your own site,

Step 4: Change the currency

Go to WooCommerce ► Settings ► currency, & change the currency.

Part 5: Add the products

Step 1: Delete the demo products

Go to products ► All products,

Select the sample products & delete it

Step 2: Install the AliExpress plugin,

Just click ‘Start here’ link in description.

Click ‘Find tools’, & select Ali Express Plugin,

Click ‘Add to Cart’, add details & make payments,

upload the plugin on admin dashboard & activate it.

And connect your site with the plugin,

Now select product and click ‘Import’,

Go to dashboard ► import list, & see the products we have imported,

To change the pricing go to dropship & fulfill ► product price, and make changes,

To setup payment method, create account on stripe, & connect it with website,

This is how you can create a Drop-shipping website.


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