How To Create A Course Website With WordPress, LearnDash & SureCart

by | Sep 9, 2022 | 0 comments

How To Create A Course Website With WordPress, LearnDash & SureCart

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

In this WordPress tutorial, I show you how to sell your own course(s) with LearnDash and SureCart. We will cover every step, like setting up a website with domain name and Webhosting, installing WordPress, adding LearnDash, and creating your first course with chapters and lessons.

Get A Domain And Webhosting:
Get LearnDash:
Get SureCart:

You will learn how to add quizzes, so you can see if people are learning the things you teach them in your course and even restrict them to have access to the rest of the course before they get a certain score for the quiz.

The lessons you can create can be made using a page builder, you can upload PDF’s and you can use video lessons.

We will add an automated certificate so that when people finish your course they get a certificate with their name and completion date.

We will talk about drip content. That means that when a person enrolls in your course, you can give them access to one or a few new lessons per day or per week so that they do not follow the course in a short amount of time and get overwhelmed.

When your course is finished, we will use the free tool called SureCart to take care of the payments. With SureCart you can create one-time payments, split payments, and subscription payments, let people pay what they want and give people free trials before they will be charged.

You can also combine payments, like a one-time payment of $299 and after that $49 per month. We will add a second course and offer course deals so people can buy multiple courses with a discount, pay a monthly or yearly subscription for access to all your courses, or you can let people pay a one-time fee for lifetime access to all your courses.

We will talk about landing pages and how to increase your conversion ratio, so you can sell more courses, make more money and help more people.

So when you follow all the steps in this tutorial, you can start selling your own course or courses and when people buy your course, that money will go to your bank account and the buyer gets access to the course. All on autopilot!

Overview With Timestamps:
00:00 Intro
03:38 Get A Domain name And Webhosting
10:25 Install WordPress
13:09 Clean Up Your WordPress Website

16:20 Get The Free Blocksy Theme
18:59 Get LearnDash
22:32 Create Your First Course
29:48 Create The Outline Of Your Course
42:24 Configure Your Course Website
46:05 Add Content To Your Course
52:39 Add Topics
55:01 Drip Content

59:00 Create A Quiz
01:10:54 Create Certificates

01:18:11 Configure Payment Methods With SureCart
01:21:31 Create Your Course Product
01:29:59 Create a Checkout Form in SureCart
01:47:07 Let’s Buy Our Own Course
01:49:34 Add A Password field

01:51:11 Add The Courses Area To The Customer Dashboard
01:53:21 Refunds and Revoking Access
01:58:08 Build Your Homepage In Elementor
02:11:19 Sell Combined Courses Or Create Subscriptions
02:19:03 Create A Landing Page
02:29:06 Split Testing For Better Conversions


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