How to Add Image Slider in WordPress Using Elementor?

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How to Add Image Slider in WordPress Using Elementor?

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

This tutorial shows how to add image slider using Elementor. To recreate the steps shown in this video tutorial, you might need to use the JetElements plugin. Visit Elementor Marketplace to get great WordPress themes 👉

01:18 How to use Image Slider widget in Elementor?
01:37 How to use Media Library to add images into slides?
02:20 How to use Settings tab to modify the behavior of image slider?
03:49 How to change image slider structure and layout?

❓ Is it difficult to create an image slider and image carousel with Elementor?

Creating an image slider and carousel using Elementor is not very difficult. But you still may have some trouble, especially if you just start creating websites.

After this tutorial, you will know how to create an image slider and how you can create more complex effects. An Elementor background image slider can be a good option to show various images to visitors and provide with some information. It will also make your website look modern.

Why should you add a WordPress image slider❔

Here are some advantages:
📍It makes the website look dynamic
📍You can change the background and find the appropriate image for text
📍Image sliders can make website navigation easier
📍Various image sliders help you show different images and information without making people visit other pages

This tutorial requires using the JetElements plugin. It’s a modern plugin for WordPress that speeds up website creation. You can easily add various elements and create a complex website. At the same time, all the elements are optimized, so it won’t impact the website’s performance too much.

An image slider with buttons can be a great option to demonstrate various products. In this case, a button may lead to a page of the product with detailed information.

This element can be also used if you have a blog – use various photos that describe a story and add a button “Read more” – it will help improve website usability.

Of course, WordPress allows you to add image sliders, but it’s not flexible.

The JetElements plugin gives you flexibility so you can create almost everything you want.

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