One of the most asked questions by website owners, clients, and anyone in between is “How Long Will It Take For My Website To Start Showing Up In Google?”. After that of course it turns to “Why Doesn’t My Site Show Up As Number 1 On Google?” , but I’ll answer the first question in this post.

Standard ranking takes up to 180 days to start showing up in google searches, however that is primarily for domains with some existing authority (a domain that has lived for some time as a functioning website). I would say it could take up to 6 months for a brand new website to start ranking well in google.

Sometimes this requirement of patience provokes businesses to take on black hat or other tactical initiatives to try and “Trick Google” into ranking their site earlier, quicker, but this is definitely something you want to avoid.

If Organic traffic is a part of your business model, your business plan should reflect that it will take up to half a year to start really acquiring that organic traffic.