How a great online FAQ or Help Section Can Save You Tons of Money

by | May 2, 2018 | 0 comments

How a great online FAQ or Help Section Can Save You Tons of Money

by | May 2, 2018 | Dieno Digital | 0 comments

I spent the earliest days of my career as a Technical Writer. Specifically, a technical writer who specialized in writing and converting training manuals into online content and making it as interactive as possible. It was in 2000\20001 and a lot of the common functionality you experience now on the web was simply not available then so I had to get creative. Early on a discovered a commonly used tool by technical writers called “RoboHelp” which allowed you to import documentation into its program on your pc and then build an online help (HTML) files for your website. It was tedious and did not provide me with enough flexibility or customization out of the box so I always ended up hacking away on the .html files it generated before uploading them to our server. (RoboHelp has since been acquired by Adobe.)

Your customer service and support specialists are spending tons of time and valuable resources walking customers or users through experiences over and over again. This is costing you money.

If you offer any sort of services on an online platform (ecommerce, online shopping, education, ad buying, online tools, etc…) it is highly likely that you are dealing with customer support on a daily basis.

It is critical that you have an online FAQ and Help section that can assist customers in quickly finding the processes\procedures they need to efficiently complete tasks within your software or online platform.

RTFM = “Read the F*ng Manual” and is a commonly thrown around phase that highlights the fact that the manual or instructions (help section when it comes to online) is often the last place customers or clients go to find the answers they need. In almost every situation they will approach your support contact first.

You can cut your customer support staff’s time in half by creating a dynamic, well designed online help section on your website.

If your customer support team has to continually run through the same process over and over with clients or customers, this is something that should be documented online.

Imagine if all your team had to do when replying to a customer question via e-mail was send them to a well written link that clearly assisted your customer quickly?

How much time would that save you and your company?

If you are interested in building help section on your website for your product, tool or services feel free to Contact Us and we can discuss further!

Documentation can save you money.