Flexible Quantity Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce (free plugin)

by | Jun 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Flexible Quantity Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce (free plugin)

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Free Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

In this video, you will see how to set the new unit of measure for a WooCommerce product. The Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce free plugin will let you sell products based on their weight, dimension, area, or volume. ⭐

Your customers will be able to choose the quantity of a new unit of measure. The plugin lets you also set the price for the unit, set the increment value of the unit, and set the minimum and maximum product quantity.

Add new units of measure for your WooCommerce products and benefit from a measurement price calculator for WooCommerce with a free plugin! 🚀


0:00 Intro & Plugin Overview
0:22 Install the Flexible Quantity plugin
0:45 Enable the Measurement Price Calculator
0:59 Set a new unit of measure for a product
1:06 Example of wooden panels sold by square meters
2:08 PRO features of the plugin
2:18 Unit dimensions – Quantity based LxWxH
2:36 Pricing table – Dynamic price calculations
2:52 Shipping class table – dynamic shipping cost
3:06 Visit the plugin page, documentation & demo


✔️ See all functionalities of the plugin:

📰 Read the documentation:

🧪 Also, try Flexible Quantity – Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce PRO in our free demo:

Use the plugin to add new unit of measurement (weight, dimension, area, or volume) for your WooCommerce products.

——- Read More ——-

📃 Read more about the plugin features:

——- FAQ ——-

⭐ Read frequent questions about the plugin and its features you can use in your store.

1. What kind of units I can add?
– The plugin lets you add one, two, and three-dimensional units of measure for a WooCommerce product.

2. Can I add the new unit of measurement only to one product?
– Yes. You may enable the measurement price calculator and a new unit for one specific WooCommerce product. The settings are independent for each product.

3. Does the customer see the price upfront?
– Yes. The plugin will show the price for the new unit directly on the product page. So if the customer changes the weight, area, dimension, or volume, the price will adjust right away!

4. Can I set the increment value for the new unit?
– Yes. You can set it too.

5. Is it possible to limit the quantity of the new unit per product?
– Yes. You can also define the minimum and maximum quantity of the new unit of measure.

6. How will I know about the products’ unit of measurement?
– Yes. You will see the price with appropriate information for each unit, for example, $2 for kg in the Price column on the Products page in WordPress.

7. Can I contact you?
– Of course. Leave a comment or write to us directly on the support forum on WordPress: or on our website: 🤝


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