Facebook Likes Campaign (Buying Likes Can Work)

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Facebook Likes Campaign (Buying Likes Can Work)

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Analytics, Dieno Digital, Digital Advertising, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy Blog | 0 comments

Should you still buy Facebook page likes?

The answer is no, but yes…. The traditional thought of going on fiverr and purchasing fake likes for a business page to increase your followers is definitely a wrong direction and will create a substantial issue for your business or page. Fake likes do not work. People liking your page from countries or places that have no desire to acquire your products, services or content is the wrong move. In fact, it can get your page de-ranked and your content will slowly fade into the abyss of Mark Zuckerberg’s dead zone. Don’t do it.

However, there is a legitimate way to “buy likes” on Facebook by running a campaign for your page with an objective to gain “Page Likes”.

This is very different from paying a bunch of robots to hit the like button on your page.

Here some results from of a recent Facebook Likes campaign that I ran:

facebook likes campaign

What does this mean?
We earned 371 new page likes on the page in 1 week.
The campaign was seen by 1,104 people and it cost us $0.02 per page like.
That means we spent $7.42 to acquire 371 new, actual people to like our page.

How is this different from just buying Facebook likes (the scammy way)?

These likes are actual people.
These likes are people that were targeted with specific messaging based on very specific things (where they live, what their interests are, etc…)

Why is this an important tactic in your strategy?

These 371 new people can now be targeting very affordable with Facebook ads.
These 371 new people will start to see organic posts on the page (content).
These 371 new people may have never heard of the brand before.

Facebook “Likes” or followers are still an important part of a social media strategy.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing a Facebook likes campaign strategy for your brand, organization or business.