When Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes to Facebook’s Algorithm in late 2017 and early 2018, and then after that announced changes to Instagram’s algorithm Digital Marketing Professionals took to podcasts, blog posts, and social media itself to debate whether or not organic reach on Facebook was “dead”.

I have advocated that it’s not, you just need to start accepting that your content needs to be better and more relevant to your users.

I put my logic and knowledge to the test recently on a brand’s Facebook Page that I manage.

I posted two posts at the exact same time. The first was a simple link with a call to action to purchase an item, and the second was a custom made image that was hyper relevant to the target audience of the Facebook Page.

The first very “Salesy” link reached a mere 204 people and only 4 engaged.

The second more custom tailored content that I knew would engage the audience reached over 18,000 organically and had over 1,400 engagements.

Facebook Organic Reach


Organic Facebook Reach is not dead. You just have to work harder and smarter to provide your audience with the right content.