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Do you want to know why you shouldn’t use Clickfunnels for your affiliate pages? In this affiliate marketing tutorial, I will tell you why you should not use Clickfunnels to build your affiliate marketing bridge pages.

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For those of you that do not know what is Clickfunnles, Clickfunnels is a software that you can use to build your affiliate bridge pages. Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online.

It is true that Clickfunnels makes it easier for you as an entrepreneur to build your sales funnels and bridge pages, as it is very easy to use with its drag and drop features. On the other hand, every other software these days has these features and the learning curve for each of them is diminishing every day.

The first reason why you shouldn’t use Clickfunnels for your affiliate pages is the slow loading speed. Even if you are an entrepreneur and you are only using Clickfunnles to build your sales pages and your funnels and you are not sending that much traffic to those pages, you will lose a lot of that traffic because of the slow loading speed.

If you are a media buyer even more reason not to use Clickfunnels because you will be sending thousands of more clicks to that page than any regular business owner and the software will not support that kind of traffic and the loading speed will be very low.

Clickfunnels is designed for sales funnels and not for creating landing pages for affiliates that send large amounts of traffic to that page. When I say sales funnels I am referring to the pages that you set up when you have your own product to sell and you need to create multiple sales pages to funnel your traffic through.

One more reason why you shouldn’t use Clicfunnels is that it has started to gain a bad reputation because most of the sales pages look the same, and the traffic that comes to your sales page has most likes seen a similar sales page like yours before and they are more likely to click away from your sales page and go back.

You might think that if you connect your own domain to Clickfunnles you own the landing pages that you create. This might come as a surprise to you but actually, you do not own those landing pages because Clickfunnels is a closed source software, which means all the sales pages are stored on their cloud-based storage and they are the ones that actually own it.

Every software that builds landing pages or sales pages has its own pros and cons, and in this video, we described some of the cons of using Clickfunnles as your sales page builder.

So if you are an affiliate marketer that drives serious traffic to your landing pages you should use Landerize. Landerize is a landing page/sales page builder software that was actually built by affiliate marketers that have years of experience and drive a serious amount of traffic to their sales pages.

Landerize will allow you to build the fastest loading sales pages that no other software can provide at the moment. Landerize has the same drag and drop features as Clickfunnels does and it integrates with Amazon S3 which allows you to upload your landing page right away, and this will offer you the fastest loading speed available at the moment.

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