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This is an introduction to WELDMENTS in SOLIDWORKS for intermediate users. In this tutorial, I will break down the weldments in SolidWorks in different base categories and emphasize on 3D sketches which are the fundamental skill you need for working with Weldments in SOLIDWORKS.

So the majority of the focus in this video is on 3D sketches. Once you grasp a good understanding of this matter, you will have a much smoother transition and an easier experience in Weldments.

Weldments in SOLIDWORKS has its own set set of tools that offer you the features you need to create complex and realistic structures really fast and easy. Moreover, you can create a cut list which lists all the structural components you need if you were to create your model in real life or at least create a reliable BOM of your model.

We are going to release an ultimate SOLIDWORKS course which covers topics from the very beginning for people who have no prior experience in any CAD software up to professional users who are preparing for their CSWP exam. This course will cover PART, ASSEMBLY, DRAWING, RENDERING in SOLIDWORKS as well as some bonus material such as CSWA and CSWP exam material.

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