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Are you ready to have the coolest 3D nails at your fingertips? Check out this demo to see how easy it is to freestyle and customize your own fabulous nail art! You can also use the design template for inspiration! It’s so easy and fun to style your nails with #NailaPeel!

1. Polish 💅
2. Design and Create ✍️
3. Glitter and Decorate! ✨

Available in Deluxe Kits, Theme Kits, and Starter Kits at your local retailers. 💘

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Nail-a-Peel is the coolest way to design and create your own stylish 3D nail art, using our 3D Nail Technology! It’s as easy as Polish 💅, Design ✏️, Decorate 💎, and Peel ⤴️! Different themed kits let you mix and match to create your own style! 💕

Show us your cool nail art using #NailaPeel 💅

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