Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

Learn how to create a website using the Enfold Theme. One of the best WordPress themes out there. With this theme, you can create an outstanding website. And if you want to save yourself some time you can import professional pre-made websites in just a few clicks. I will show you the best of both worlds by importing a website and configuring it to our wishes.

Example website:

Overview with timestamps:
Overview With Timestamps:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 Overview Of What We Will Cover
00:05:35 What Are A Domain name and Webhosting
00:06:35 Get A Domain name and Webhosting

00:15:10 How To Install WordPress
00:16:24 Make Our Website Secure
00:17:26 The Frontend and Backend Of WordPress
00:18:37 Clean Up The Website
00:20:02 Configure Your Username
00:21:52 Give Your Website A Title

00:23:38 Introduction to Themes
00:24:34 Get The Enfold Theme
00:29:09 Install The Enfold Theme
00:30:10 Install WooCommerce
00:30:43 Install A Pre Made Website
00:33:21 Download The Same Images I Use

Configure The Enfold Theme Settings
00:33:46 The Theme Options
00:39:16 The General Layout
00:42:01 The General Styling
00:51:00 Advanced Styling
00:53:18 Using Custom CSS
00:55:06 The Main Menu
00:58:40 The Header
01:02:58 Social Icons
01:07:20 Semi Transparent Header
01:09:48 The Sidebar
01:12:45 the Footer
01:16:36 Privacy Policy and Cookies
01:18:49 Create a New Page

The Advanced Layout Editor
01:19:47 Create A Slider
01:36:54 Create a Service Section
01:47:43 Create A Color Section
01:52:30 Make The Layout Editor Sticky
01:53:54 Create an About Us Color Section
01:57:50 Create a Testimonial
02:04:40 Use the Custom CSS again
02:06:13 Create a Social Share Area
02:08:25 Create a Floating (sub)menu with anchor links

The Contact Page
02:12:54 Configure a pre-made page in minutes

Create a Portfolio
02:15:31 Create a Portfolio Item
02:22:44 Create the Portfolio Page
02:24:40 Create a Video Portfolio Item
02:36:22 Add a Portfolio Element on the Homepage

The Blog page
02:42:02 Create a blogpost
02:54:59 Create an excerpt
02:55:49 Comments
02:59:15 Sidebar Widgets
03:06:38 Create a Sidebar for the WooCommerce Pages
03:03:00 Most Recent Posts Widget
03:04:27 The Facebook Likebox Widget
03:04:55 The Instagram Feed Widget
03:06:38 WooCommerce Sidebar Widgets
03:07:18 Create a New Sidebar
03:08:45 Add 4 Footer Widgets
03:12:58 Create a Custom Blog Page

The Shop Page
03:28:50 Configure the Shop page
03:30:55 Wrapping Up
03:33:38 Thank You