Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How To Create A Blog or News Website | Newspaper Theme

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Do It Yourself – Tutorials – How To Create A Blog or News Website | Newspaper Theme

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Do It Yourself - Build Your Own Website | 0 comments

Do It Yourself – Website Tutorials

In this complete Newspaper tutorial I will show you step by step how to create an awesome blog or news website without creating one line of code. We do the easy stuff, Newspaper takes care of the hard stuff! In the first minutes of this video I show you what we will cover.

Demo website:
Newspaper theme:

I created an overview with timestamps for you:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 Overview of what we will cover
00:02:23 For who is this tutorial?
00:02:50 The 4 steps
00:03:07 Get a domain name and webhosting
00:04:22 Fill in your details
00:07:32 Install WordPress
00:08:41 Add SSL and make your website secure (free at Siteground)

Setting up WordPress
00:10:02 Login to WordPress
00:10:35 The Frontend and Backend
00:11:24 Remove all unnecessary plugins
00:12:03 Remove all pages
00:12:23 Configure your profile
00:14:25 Change the Permalink Structure

The Newspaper theme
00:16:11 Get the Newspaper theme
00:18:56 Install the Newspaper theme
00:20:29 Activate the Theme
00:21:56 Import a complete pre made Newspaper website

Setting up the Newspaper theme
00:26:37 Give your website a title and subtitle
00:27:34 Create pages
00:29:05 Create a menu
00:31:05 Configure the header area using Newspaper
00:33:20 Link your social media accounts
00:38:43 Create a second menu
00:43:49 Configure the sub footer
00:49:05 Change the colors of the header and footer
00:54:07 Change the width and stretch of the website

Your first blogpost
00:56:32 Create your first blogpost
00:57:47 Paragraphs, headers and other blocks
01:00:24 Add images to your blogpost/news items
01:03:56 Setup your author information
01:05:50 Create categories and subcategories
01:06:48 Create an excerpt
01:07:45 Import dummy content

Configure the look and feel of your blogposts
01:10:37 Decide what to show on your blogposts
01:14:20 Configure the look and feel of your blogposts
01:16:10 Configure the look and feel of a single blogpost
01:19:00 Configure the social sharing options
01:23:29 Change the creation date of the blogpost and schedule blogposts

The Sidebar
01:27:20 Configure the Sidebar
01:29:15 Add an Instagram widget
01:31:50 Add a live social media counter
01:35:23 Make your sidebar sticky
01:36:25 Add an advertisement in the sidebar

01:37:59 Create subcategories in order to organise your website
01:39:22 Add categories in your menu
01:41:11 Change the look and feel of a certain category
01:44:37 Create a new sidebar for a certain category
01:49:09 Create a Mega Menu
01:51:48 Add a complete page to a mega menu

01:53:32 Configure the footer
01:57:50 Change the style of your blogpost fonts
01:59:46 Add Google Analytics to your website
02:01:07 Get the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin

02:02:19 Create a contact page with pre made templates
02:06:38 Configure the homepage of your website

02:07:09 Create the homepage with the TD Composer
02:09:31 Add the trending now element
02:11:02 Add a social counter to the homepage
02:12:36 Configure elements
02:16:36 Add an ad in the homepage

02:21:41 Configure the breadcrumb
02:22:45 Configure the image loading animation
02:25:39 Configure the block settings
02:26:01 Change the language of the website
02:27:16 Change a blogpost type to video
02:29:28 Putting elements in a row

02:30:17 Outro and thank you

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