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This tutorial series will go through the process of building a simplistic blog app using Python 3, Google Cloud Datastore and Google Cloud App Engine. This tutorial is not intended to explain any programming languages, you should follow it if you already have some knowledge of Web technologies (HTML, CSS and JS). Python knowledge is not mandatory here.

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Build Multi-tenant Blog APP With Python on Google Serverless App Engine

This project will go through the process of creating a blog app. You’ll be able to do it by using Flask and Jinja together with a pre-built blog template. Posts will be saved on Google Cloud Datastore, and the app will be deployed on App Engine. After having a monolith version we will split our blog app in 2 services (backend and frontend), leveraging communication between those parts.

What are the requirements?
Basic Knowledge of Python
Basic Knowledge of HTML
Basic Knowledge of CSS
Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
What is the target audience?
Developers who want to learn about serverless computing
Developers who want to learn how to publish their own website on cloud using Google App Engine
Developers that want to learn basic HTTP
Developers that want to learn basics of Flask
Developers that want to learn basics of Jinja template engine
Project Outline
The project outline explains what you will learn in each session

Session 1: Quick Overview of Technologies and Environment Setup
Introduction to Google Cloud App Engine (Config files, environments and commands). Introduction to Google Cloud Datastore. Introduction to Flask and Jinja

Session 2: Modify HTML Template and List Posts

Session 3: Add Create Post Feature and Deploy to App Engine

Session 4: Split Blog App Monolith

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