DIVI ET CACHE FIX PLUGIN for Siteground WordPress Implementations

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DIVI ET CACHE FIX PLUGIN for Siteground WordPress Implementations

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Hello everyone,

I’m excited to introduce a new plugin specifically designed to address a common and frustrating issue for users of the DIVI framework or theme on Siteground’s web hosting: Daily Delete of ETCACHE for DIVI. As a WordPress enthusiast and developer, I’ve seen firsthand how this problem can impact site performance and hosting resources, and I’m thrilled to offer a solution that can make a significant difference.

Download my plugin here.

The Problem for DIVI Users on Siteground

If you’re using the DIVI framework or theme on Siteground, you might have encountered an issue where the et-cache folder expands and doesn’t clear automatically. This can lead to substantial space and inode usage, causing your website to slow down and potentially exceed your hosting limits. This problem can be particularly troublesome on Siteground, where inode limits can be a critical factor in maintaining optimal site performance.

Introducing the Solution

The Daily Delete of ETCACHE for DIVI plugin is here to help you manage this issue effortlessly. Here’s what the plugin does and why it’s incredibly useful for DIVI users on Siteground:

  • Automatic Daily Deletion: The plugin schedules a daily task in WordPress to delete the et-cache folder, preventing it from expanding uncontrollably and consuming valuable space and inodes. This is crucial for maintaining site performance and staying within your hosting limits.
  • Manual Run Option: For those times when you need an immediate fix, the plugin includes an option to manually run the script from the settings page. This ensures you have control over the cache management at all times.
  • Customizable Schedule: You can set the time of day when the daily task should run, giving you flexibility to choose a time that best fits your site’s activity patterns.
  • Activity Log: The plugin maintains a log of the last 25 times the script was run, so you can easily monitor its activity and ensure it’s working as expected. This transparency helps you trust that the plugin is performing its job.
  • Safe and Tested: While you use this plugin at your own risk, it has been significantly tested and has not caused any issues during its development and testing phases. It’s a reliable solution to a persistent problem.

Why This Plugin is Essential for DIVI Users on Siteground

The motivation behind creating this plugin comes from my own experiences and the feedback from clients who have struggled with this issue. Siteground is a fantastic hosting provider, and DIVI is a powerful framework, but the expanding et-cache folder has been a major pain point. By developing this plugin, I aim to provide a simple, effective solution that saves you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on building beautiful websites without worrying about cache management.

How to Get Started

To use the Daily Delete of ETCACHE for DIVI plugin, simply download the plugin ZIP file from this link, upload it to your WordPress site, and activate it. From the settings page, you can configure the time for the daily deletion task and manually run the script if needed.

Thank you for your support, and I hope this plugin helps you manage your DIVI sites on Siteground more efficiently. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out!

Best regards,



Download the plugin here.
Use this plugin at your own discretion. If you have questions please speak with your web developer.
You can also contact us if you have any questions.