Digital Advertising Tutorials – Ultimate Google Ads Course for beginners | Complete Google Ads Course | Part 1

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Ultimate Google Ads Course for beginners | Complete Google Ads Course | Part 1

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Digital Advertising Tutorials

Some of the best digital advertising tutorials online.

Ultimate Google Ads Course for beginners | Complete Google Ads Course | Part 1
Want to learn how to run ad campaigns on Google Search, different websites, and YouTube? In this complete Google Ads Tutorial or Course, we have covered everything in detail and practically.

• What is Google Ads or Google AdWords?
Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is a platform that allows you to advertise your business on Google’s search results pages, websites, apps, YouTube, and other platforms. You can select to show your ads to the targeted audience on the basis of keywords, locations, demographics, and more factors.

• Google Ads Course for Beginners (Full Tutorial)
This is one of the effortless ways to generate leads, find customers, and grow your business. Whether you are a student, professional, someone seeking a job, or a business owner looking to learn Google Ads free, then this Google Ads Course 2022 is for you.

In this Google Ads Tutorial, you will learn about different types of ads, structure, ad groups, keyword research, bidding strategy, search ads, dynamic ads, display ads, video ads, conversions, audience targeting, remarketing, and much more.

Throughout these free Google Ads Course, you will master the skills of running ad campaigns effectively while optimizing your budget. It will also help you to find a career in digital marketing and PPC.

Introduction to Google Ads
How Google Ads Auction Works
What is Quality Score in Google Ads
Different Types of Ads in Google Ads
Structure of Google Ads Campaign
Keyword Match Types in Google Ads
Negative keywords in Google Ads
Understanding Dashboard in Google Ads
Campaign Goals in Google Ads
Create Search Ads Step-by-Step
Location Targeting in Google Ads
Language Targeting Settings in Google Ads
Ad delivery methods in Google Ads
Bidding Strategies in Google Ads
Conversions, Ad Scheduling & Rotation
Ad extensions in Google Ads
Campaign URL Options in Google ads
Understanding Ad Groups in Google ads
Concept of GCLID in Google ads
Audience Targeting in Google ads
Understanding Daily Budget in Google ads
Creating Search Ads – Practical
Understanding Campaign Statuses in Google ads
Introduction to Google Display Ads & Campaigns
Creating smart display campaign in Google Ads
Creating standard display campaign in Google Ads
Creating gmail display campaign in Google Ads
vCPM & CPM Bidding in Google Ads
How vCPM & CPC Bidding Competes in Google Ads
Frequency Capping in Google Ads
Narrow Targeting in Google Ads
Targeting Expansion in Google Ads
Video Campaign Goals & Subtypes
Creating Video Ad Sequence
Inventory Types in Video Ads
Create Custom Video Ads
Create App Install Ads
HTML 5 Assets in Google Ads
Ad approval process in Google Ads
Concept of shared budget in Google Ads
Automated Rules in Google Ads
What are Scripts in Google Ads
Ad preview & diagnosis tool in Google Ads
How to use Ad Variation in Google Ads
Copy and paste Campaign, Adgroups & Ads
If functions in Google Search Ads
How to Set Countdown in Ad Text
Creating custom column in Google Ads
Keyword Insertion in Google Ads
Change History in Google Ads
Conversion Tracking in Google Ads
Problem of Selecting budget & CPC in Google Ads
How to create Smart Campaign in Google Ads
Auction Insights in Google Ads
Mistakes to Avoid in Google Ads
Perfect Keyword Research in Google Ads
Bid Simulator in Google Ads
Remarketing Audience in Google Ads
How to Get Certification of Google Ads
Acquisition & Conversion in Google Ads

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