Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Adwords Tutorial – Create Your First Profitable Campaign – By Viren Negi –

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Adwords Tutorial – Create Your First Profitable Campaign – By Viren Negi –

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial – Create Your First Profitable Search Campaign – Step by Step Google Ads Tutorial

How to Setup Google Adwords Campaign Tutorial ( in Hindi )

In this video, you will learn to set up profitable search campaigns in Google Ads.
This is step-by-step Google Adwords tutorials to create your first search ads campaigns.
Steps to create search ads –
To create your first search campaign select plus icon then click the new campaign.
Select Leads campaign or whatever is your goal, enter your website URL and your business phone no. then click to continue.
Name your campaign properly so you can recognize campaigns. Then on next, uncheck include search partner & display network.
To know more about search networks & partner networks check the link below in the description.
Select your target location & on Location Option select second option people in these locations. Leave the language to English and select your budget, but keep in mind to get maximum leads you must target at least 50-100 clicks per day.
Select the delivery method to standard & keep the bidding strategy to Manual CPC. Leave other settings as it is and click to continue.
Name your ad groups & give the maximum default bid for the ad group.
Add keywords in the ad group, I am using broad modifier keyword match type if you want to learn about keywords match type then check the link below in the description. Click on save & continue.
Create your ad copy as shown in the video and make at least two ad copies per ad group.
Please note, you must add privacy policy, terms & conditions, and any other policy to run ads.
Then go to ad extension under the campaign and create the following ad extensions as shown in this video –
Sitelink Extension
Callout Extension
Call Extension
Structured Snippet Extension

The next step is to add negative keywords at the campaign level, you can add them to ad group level as well, to learn more about negative keywords check the link below in the description.
The next step is to create & set up a conversion code on the website – website conversion code & phone conversion code.
Then the final step is to set up your remarketing list and you’re done. To learn more about remarketing, check my video series about remarketing – link already shared in description
This is the best way to create your Profitable Google Adwords campaigns.

Don’t forget to like & share my video and if you have any queries or doubt regarding this pls let me know in the comment section, I will help you. Thanks for watching my video

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