Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads Tutorial. Google Ads Tips And Tricks

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads Tutorial. Google Ads Tips And Tricks

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Do you remember that Google tightened the requirements for the landing pages which will have to comply with the Better Ads Standards.
Landing pages containing ads that don’t meet these standards will be flagged in the Ad Quality Report, and any ads leading to such pages will be rejected.


Let us remind you what is forbidden:
• If pop-ups interfere viewed content;
• If the site takes a long time to load when using common browsers or devices;
• pages with automatic redirection to another page without any action on the part of the user;
• pages with too many ads,
• pages without unique content;
• Pages with content copied from other resources without any useful additions;
• Pages with meaningless content or no content;
• Doorways and other pages created only to redirect to other resources;
• Pages that display a message stating that the service isn’t available If access is restricted in the target region;
• Pages denying access to the site;
• Landing pages that don’t work properly or are set up incorrectly;
• Resources not available for crawling by the Google Ads robot;
• URLs that contain violations of standard URL syntax with invalid characters.
Better Ads describes the requirements for ads on pages for desktop, mobile, short videos and applications.
For desktops, for example, it is forbidden to use
• Pop-up ads;
• Automatic playback of video ads with sound;
• Advertising with a countdown;
• Sticky ads;
And a few more restrictions for mobile:
the amount of advertising blocks on the page;
flashing animated ads.



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