Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads Call-Only Ads Tutorial – Mobile Phone Call Google Ads Campaigns

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Digital Advertising Tutorials – Google Ads Call-Only Ads Tutorial – Mobile Phone Call Google Ads Campaigns

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Check out our Google Ads Call Only Ads Tutorial for 2019. We will show you how to use Google AdWords to drive more phone calls for your business. With Call-Only Advertisements, you can create advertising campaigns on mobile devices that can place phone calls that specifically optimize for people to call your business. For many businesses, this can be a very useful campaign because getting potential customers on the phone is the best way to turn them into a long-term customer or client. If you are a B2B company looking to find more clients, one of the best ways to do it is with Google Ads phone call campaigns that run on mobile devices.

First, you want to get started in your Google Ads account and you want to set-up a conversion for phone calls. This will allow you to make sure that people are actually clicking on your advertisement, calling your business, and spending a certain amount of time (duration) on the phone before you count it as a conversion. The default value is to count every single phone call over 60 seconds as a conversion, but you can adjust it to a longer time or a shorter time if needed. A phone call conversion will specifically be counted when someone clicks on your Call Extension to call your business, or when you use Call Reporting and when someone types in your Call Forwarding number that is tracked by Google.

Once you have your Google AdWords phone call conversion created, you are ready to begin creating your campaign. You want to create your campaign, select to create a Search Campaign, choose Leads as your objective, and choose Phone Calls as the way you would like to reach your objective.

What is a Google call only ad?

An advertising format that only runs on mobile phones. When people search on their mobile phone and search one of your targeted keywords, they will see a clickable ad format that will allow them to call your business directly.

How do I make a call only campaign on Google ads?

Go to your Google Ads account, click to create a new campaign

What is a call only campaign?

It is a campaign designed solely for phone calls to your business.


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