Digital Advertising Tutorials – Fake Leads Google Ads – Why You’re Getting Irrelevant Leads?

by | Dec 3, 2022 | 0 comments

Digital Advertising Tutorials – Fake Leads Google Ads – Why You’re Getting Irrelevant Leads?

by | Dec 3, 2022 | Digital Advertising | 0 comments

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I’m running search ads for hearing aid solutions who has hear loss for past two months and I’m getting 90% irrelevant leads. Like most of users are saying that they are not enquired for hearing solutions and everything which is okay. I’m targeting exact-match keywords. Search terms are relevant. I’m using Maximize conversions bidding and CTR is more than 10%. Can anyone help me solve this? I need urgent help. Okay, so you are doing the right thing, which is keeping it very tight with regard to the exact match keyword. So you’re saying search terms are also relevant.

Okay. And you are using Maximize conversions and CTR is a vanity metric. You can keep an eye on it, but it doesn’t make any difference whether the quality of the leads are good or not. See don’t pay too much attention to CTR. Yes, you want to see how good your ad is, so just keep an eye on it. But in this scenario, this CTR is not very relevant. What I would do is then look on your landing page if you got your exact match keywords, your search terms are good. Make sure that you also have a lot of negative keywords at the campaign, ad group or at the account level.

So you narrow down the campaign and make it even more tighter. The other thing which you need to look at is your landing page. If you are asking them to fill in a form, then what I would do if I was you change the questions or add a few questions so that you can see that, yes, if they have answered that question in the right way, they are the right person who you want to talk to. So that’s the first thing which I would do. What we do normally is when we start a sales funnel for lead generation, the first part of the testing is the quantity.

We want to get as many leads as possible so that we can see that, yes, the final is starting to work and then we switch over to quality and then we cut down on the quantity and we just want to speak to interested people who are interested in our service. And that’s what I would do. So have a look at your landing page, and make some changes. The messaging might be confusing and that’s what you want to tighten up. Because if your keywords are right, your search terms are good, you’re getting clicks, you’re getting conversions. I would look at the landing page and the offer, the headlines, what copy you’ve written, and what is the offer. And also look at the form and add a couple of questions in there to qualify or disqualify that prospect.

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