Cloudflare SSL WordPress Setup 2022 | How to Install SSL on WordPress Website Free (for LIFETIME)

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Cloudflare SSL WordPress Setup 2022 | How to Install SSL on WordPress Website Free (for LIFETIME)

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SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is an Internet security technology that uses encryption. It was created by Netscape in 1995 to ensure privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet interactions. SSL is the forerunner to today’s current TLS encryption.

A website that uses SSL/TLS has “HTTPS” in its URL rather than “HTTP.”

Cloudflare Free SSL WordPress Setup 2022 | How to Install SSL on WordPress Website Free | cloudflare ssl wordpress setup

How does SSL/TLS function?
SSL encrypts data transported across the web to ensure a high level of privacy. Anyone attempting to intercept this data will only see a garbled combination of characters that are nearly impossible to decrypt.
SSL initiates a handshake authentication process between two communicating devices to guarantee that both devices are who they claim to be.
SSL also digitally certifies data to ensure data integrity, ensuring that the data has not been tampered with before it reaches its intended receiver.
SSL has gone through multiple incarnations, each one more secure than the last. SSL was upgraded to TLS in 1999.

If You Have Ever Seen This “Not Secure” Warning on Your Website, Then You Might Be Looking for Cloudflare Free SSL WordPress Setup.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a Security Protocol That Provides Privacy, Authentication, and Integrity to Internet Communications. SSL Eventually Evolved Into Transport Layer Security.
Cloudflare Gives You a More Secure Connection to Your Users, That Build Trust to Your Visitors. It Automatically Redirects Your Http Connection to HTTPS.

For WordPress Website, SSL Activation by Cloudflare is Easier.

Log in to Your Cloudflare Account First. If You Don’t Have Existing Account, Then Create One. It’s Simple.

To Add Ssl to Our Website, We Must Add That Website to Cloudflare.

Click Add a Site.
Copy Your Website or Domain Name, and Paste It Here.
Click Add Site.
You Will See Premium Packages of Cloudflare, but in This Case, Free Version is Enough for Generating Ssl for Your WordPress Website.
Select the Free Plan and Press Continue.
Now It Will Scan Your website’s DNS Record for Connecting to Cloudflare. It May Take a Couple of Minutes.
You Will See Some Dns Records Like This.
No Need to Touch That.
Press Continue.
At This Stage, They Require you to Change the Nameserver of Your Domain.
To Change Nameservers, Go to Your Domain Panel.
Select the Domain.
On the Left, Click on Nameservers.
Under Custom Nameserver Option, Paste the Cloudflare Nameservers.

Save Changes.
The Nameserver Changed Successfully.
Follow My Settings Now.
“Enable” Always Use HTTPS.
Now Go to SSL Section.
Sometimes This May Be Turned Off, Then You Have to Select Flexible or Full to Get the Free SSL.
By Default, This Setting is Set as Full, That’s Why My Configuration is Finished Now.
After 10 or 15 Minutes, You May Receive an Email Like This.
After That, Let’s Refresh Our Website.
Look, Our Cloudflare SSL is Working for Our WordPress Website.

Cloudflare SSL is Free for a Lifetime and It is Reliable Too.
So, if You Have Any Questions, Then Feel Free to Ask Me in Comment Box.


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