Best WordPress Hosting for £8? I test them!

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Best WordPress Hosting for £8? I test them!

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godaddy :

[Pricing] : £8.99 : $8.88
Godaddy: £9.59

I have spent many years working with different wordpress website hosting providers before finally making my own using virtual private servers ( – It was born out of frustration for the big players in the space in my opinion, ripping people off and trying to get them to opt into contracts that last too long before they even get to test the server they are hosting on.

I have tried to make this video as unbiased as possible by giving all wordpress hosting sites an even chance to perform at the same price bracket and let the numbers do the talking.

[Hosting options] CoLab hosting is a capped shared hosting service at 20 sites per server, this is the most transparent shared hosting service available where all other shared hosting providers cram as many sites onto a server as possible at a detriment to performance and this video shows that.

easywp hosting service is one of the easiest to use as long as you are also using namecheap as your registrar unfortunately what you gain in ease of use you lose in performance and the fact that their servers are only based in the USA.

GoDaddy has been a thorn in my side for years, promising clients the world and shady practices to get people onboard for far too long. They are also very quick to crash your server if you have over 50 people on it at one time. These are the moments you need your server the most and it doesn’t delivery. This benchmark shows that as it couldn’t even complete the benchmark in full.

Hope this video gives you some clarity in what shared hosting site will best perform for your money.