About Leland Dieno

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About Leland Dieno

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About Leland Dieno

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist by profession, by hobby and by passion. I currently work full time as a Digital Specialist for a large retail operation located in Vancouver, British Columbia and have partnered a life long friend, who owns LMT Technologies to create “VANDIG” which is a fully operating website development and marketing agency.

I live, breath, eat and sleep digital marketing. Whether I am working on large corporate strategies at my full time gig, working on website overhauls with Vandig or running online advertisement campaigns and managing social media pages with Dieno Digital I am continuously learning, testing, applying and proving my knowledge.

In my personal life I am a devoted father to my wonderful 3 year old son, highly involved in his activities from Soccer to Swimming (and throw in some paw patrol once in awhile as well).  I am an avid Oakland Raiders and BC Lions fan (love my football), the founder of a local charity aiming to assist men struggling in poverty, an active member of a local church, and regularly volunteer at a local soup kitchen. I also am the founder of an “empowering fathers to be better men” movement online that has seen some success.  I spend my downtime (late nights, you parents know how this is) educating myself, reading, and kicking ass at digital marketing for my clients.  Like anyone, my life has had his ups and downs, but mentorship (both being mentored and mentoring others) has become a very important aspect of my life.

I was raised around small businesses. Everyone in my family has been involved in some sort of business and my foundation is based on work ethic. A company needs to provide customers with unbelievable service and products at the right price and still maintain their bottom line.

As you can understand my life is fairly busy! So that being said, I tend to only work with brands that I feel passionate about and I am very picky about the work I do.  Contact me, I love talking shop and seeing where the conversation goes.  I allocate a few hours a week to geeky digital marketing, so if I’m working with or for you it generally means I like you or your brand.

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