Unlock an Extra $10,000 Annually

Partner with Dieno Digital for Managed WordPress Hosting! Our referral program is more than an affiliate program. It’s a partnership that can bring you re-occuring revenue with longevity. Our average client churn is more than 10 years!

At Dieno Digital, we recognize the power of strategic partnerships.

If you’re a marketing agency, sales consultant or freelancer seeking a seamless revenue boost, here’s an opportunity to effortlessly add an extra $10,000 to your annual income. We do the hosting. We do the work. You retain clients longer with our customer-service first approach to technical and professional wordpress web hosting.

Our Success Story

“ We just reached $10,000 annually in partner agency payouts for referred Managed WordPress Hosting clients! ”

How It Works

Refer Clients

Channel WordPress website owners to us for our affordable $500 CAD per year Managed WordPress Hosting. You earn an additional $50 on signing! 

Year one you receive $150
Year 2 and forward you receive $100 for every site you referred.

Earn $100 Recurring

For every year they stay with us, you earn $100 in recurring revenue. It’s straightforward – no hassle, just recurring benefits.

Hands-Free Partnership

Whether you want to work with us directly or prefer a white-labeled approach, we’ve got you covered.

What We Offer

$500 Annual CAD Managed WordPress Hosting

A comprehensive package designed for small businesses with WordPress websites.

Performance Excellence
Fast servers, Cloudflare CDN, and SSL implementation for an optimal online experience.
Uptime monitoring and alerting to ensure Managed WordPress websites are always up and running.
Security First

Bi-weekly WordPress security updates for robust protection against evolving online threats.

Data Safety

Offsite backup management with easy restoration options if needed.

Expert Support

Troubleshooting and breakfix for any major issues, ensuring peace of mind for your Managed WordPress Hosting clients.

Who Benefits

Our hosting services cater to a diverse range of businesses, from major restaurant chains and grocery stores to consultants, accountants, lawyers, startups, eCommerce sites, and customer portals – all built on the powerful WordPress platform.

Ready to effortlessly boost your revenue with Managed WordPress Hosting?

Join Dieno Digital’s Agency Partner Program now! and start earning with every successful referral.

For detailed information about our Managed WordPress Hosting Package

check out our Hosting Package details here.


Apply to become a Managed Wordpress Web Hosting Partner! Please fill out the application below and we will get back to you.

    Company Name Location Website Managed Care Plan Cost Annually
    Barrel Roll Canada https://gobarrelroll.com/ $4,128
    WP Fuel Canada https://wordpresscareplans.ca/ $3,588
    WP Assist Canada https://www.wpassist.ca/ $4788
    Market2all Canada https://www.market2all.com/ $1380
    Juanrojo design Canada https://juanrojodesign.com/wordpress-maintenance-plans/ $3600
    Wordpress Care plans Ca Canada https://wordpresscareplans.ca/#price-plans $3601
    Jucra Canada https://www.jucra.com/web-design/website-care-plans/ $2988
    wpwebinfotec Canada https://wpwebinfotech.com/wordpress-website-maintenance-packages/#Packages $17988
    wpsupporters https://www.wpsupporters.com/wordpress-maintenance-services/ $3552
    wpsupportspecialists https://www.wpsupportspecialists.com/wordpress-maintenance/ $4140
    webcitz https://www.webcitz.com/website-maintenance/wordpress-maintenance.html $1500
    WP Services Canada www.wpservices.com $5940
    Arete Software Canada www.aretesoftware.ca $3600
    Axiom Solutions Canada axiomsolutions.ca $1319.88
    Globe Sign Canada www.globesign.com $4788
    WP Supporters Neatherlands www.wpsupporters.com €3,552
    WP Web Infotech wpwebinfotech.com $27588
    Hellmedia Marketing Canada https://hellmedia.marketing/ $2340
    ITI Hosting Canada itihosting.ca $22788
    Maintainn Canada maintainn.com $479.4
    Leading Edge Info Solutions leadingedgeinfosolutions.com $1380
    Explo-Media Canada www.explo-media.com $460