Let’s Be Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

On July 1st 2018 I am launching a new Thought Leaders blog for Digital Marketing Professionals.

I am seeking 10-20 digital marketers who would be interested in writing content on the site.

If you apply to write for the site you must contribute no less than 1 article per month of minimum 500 words. It must be exclusive and not posted anywhere else. It can be 50% original content.

In exchange your content writing you will have an author’s profile on the site itself with your information, and links to your websites + social media. You will also be able to provide 1 728 x 90 banner ad for your website or business which will rotate on the site for as long as you are providing content.

Note that content will be reviewed, and go through an approval process.

You are allowed up to 4 contextual links in your articles that can link back to your website.

We will be investing budget in advertising the site itself and every article will be posted and amplified on social media.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please fill out the form below.