Dieno Digial Mission Statement

Princeton British Columbia

Our Mission Statement: Value over Volume

“I have been told by some entrepreneurs that Mission Statements are pointless and this has been re-affirmed by team members who have said that they really don’t believe the company they work for stands by theirs. My goal was to come up with with one for this company that made sense, and was true. After everything I’ve learned I stand by this one.” – Leland Dieno (Founder, Dieno Digital)

What is value? The definition of value is “The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth or usefulness of something”.

What is volume? In business context, the definition of volume is “A business that trades in huge quantities of products or a product or possesses a huge number of sales”.

Dieno Digital focuses on a Value over Volume business model. With our customers business’ at the forefront of every point of interaction we deliver high value services, customer experience and deliverables to our clients. We question whether or not our work is providing high value, before questioning the revenue associated with it.  Our aspiration is not to become a massive organization, but rather a profitable boutique digital services agency that people go to for value and results. We are, and will continue to grow a legacy of being known for providing real value.

Ours services’ value can be determined by performance, complexity or affordability. 


Value over Volume defines what we do. We don’t want to be the biggest digital marketing agency. We want to be a profitable one that provides reliable, high quality knowledge and work.